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OESF… ect?

Hey Free Rangers,

Well, it’s just over a week before the most consequential election of our lifetimes, and I can confirm that the whiskey still works. Between the inequities of the Electoral College, rampant Gerrymandering, voter suppression at the state and federal levels, foreign meddling, and domestic meddling, I’ll be very surprised if this goes well at all. I hope that my instincts are incorrect, but does anybody remember the Brooks Brothers Riot of 2000, which forced the end of ballot tabulation that handed Bush the least convincing “victory” in the history of American politics? Khaki-clad political operatives stormed a south Florida election office (while professional dirty trickster Roger Stone observed from a parked car down the street), giving the Supreme Court the time to kill the re-count from above. Three lawyers involved in the legal battle to steal that election were John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, and bible literalist, Amy Coney Barrett. They subverted American democracy, and Republicans rewarded them with lifetime appointments to the highest court in our land, where they can further infringe on your voting rights (as well as on your healthcare, and women’s reproductive freedom). Real news. If I could make this shit up, I’d be a better writer, and you’d be asking me to sign my new book, instead of what to drink with tonight’s shrimp scampi (Garnier Chablis, Rebholz Dry Riesling, or A&P Villaine Aligoté).

Speaking of amoral idiots, it really takes a special type to pick a fight- repeatedly- with shop clerks (even Derek!), claim that she was “yelled at twice before”, but still wanted to “give us another chance”. Really wish she hadn’t. Unfortunately, we’re the closest game to her front door, and even though she has no respect for us, our business, or our posted signage and pandemic guidelines, she can’t be bothered to walk further to a lesser shop, and ruin their day instead. This time, she walks in as before with a stroller, doesn’t address anyone, stops directly inside the front door, blocking both the entrance and the fridge. I know what’s going on, but I try to reason with her (again!), and explain that we’re happy to help with whatever she’s looking for, but to please come into the shop, and stop opening the fridge repeatedly. I am able to coax her away (by a foot or two), and I answer some oddly aggressive questions that she poses, each while waving a bottle in the air. And I get her a cold bottle of a chardonnay, upon which she settles (even though it’s 3:30pm and she already said that it’s for dinner). Her tone is sharp, and general kinesis is high. Derek and I genuinely can’t tell if she’s agitated, or if this is just who she is. On the way out, she says that she’s been yelled at here twice before, but decided to give us another chance. My initial response is to open up the vocal chords to 11 and unleash a stream of high decibel consciousness at her, but a guy my size actually yelling at somebody in my shop isn’t a great look, even if that person is delusional, obtrusive, and is already accusing me of that crime. But apologies to anybody else I may have been snippy with the rest of that day (Saturday?). Sometimes it’s hard being on the front lines of daily life for the better part of a year long pandemic (with no end in sight).

But back to the whiskey. One of the greatest scores we’ve yet achieved in our single barrel whiskey program, was last year’s Four Roses Private Select OESF 10 Year Bourbon. Every time we’ve tasted a set of barrel samples from any source, there’s always been at least one or two that are simply not worthy of our shelf. The only counterexample I have, is from my visit with the legendary (and sadly passed) Al Young at Four Roses. I learned an amazing amount from that fine gentleman in one delightful summer afternoon. 

He had pre-selected 8 barrels to taste for my selection, and every last one was a true rockstar we would have been proud to put our name on. The one we selected, which was our fastest selling barrel of all-time, I genuinely believe was one of the every best American Whiskeys released that year, by anyone. So when the Plague hit, and we were informed by all but Heaven Hill (Elijah Craig) that we would not be able to taste the samples, the only option became taking a full barrel of whiskey that somebody selected for us, or not get any at all, we told all but Four Roses, “No thanks.” Since OESF is consistently my favorite of their 10 recipes (based on mash bill and yeast), we said we’d take a Private Select barrel of their choosing, as long as it is OESF and at least 10 years old. So, our Four Roses Free Range OESF 12yr Bourbon just walked through the door, and it’s another classic, this one clocking in at 122.4 proof! Our barrel yielded 102 bottles, and you better believe I’m keeping a couple cases for myself, which doesn’t leave a whole lot left for the rest of the world (or at least the New York world, as we can’t ship liquor out of the state). These will go quickly, but I wanted to give you all first crack, at the lowest price we’ll offer on this one.
Who’s in?!

Four Roses Free Range OESF 12yr
sale: SOLD OUT!                                    retail: $119

*** Limit 3 bottles per customer ***
** This week only, as supplies last! *** No other discounts apply.*


Free Range Wine & Spirits

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